For the first time available in Nashville, Blessed Effects Hair Salon presents Willie Morrow's California Green- a hair product from nature that will help you gain control of natural hair defeat, unruly tangles, free you from chemical straighteners and encourage healthy hair growth. Only available at select salons.

Dr. Morrow discovered a way for Afro-curly hair to be processed in healthy ways, this has been his life mission. Today, at the pinnacle of his career, he is introducing a totally Green hair care system that processes hair therapeutically.

The eco-organinc way to straighten hair stretches cuticles pores make them absorbent and supple.

The Breakthrough
The breakthrough manifested apparent when conditioning cuticles and changing their behavior became a reality. Locating where the problem where moisture retention was concerned was the main issue. Why does some hair frizz or why are most ethnic curly textures coarser than others? Fiber conditioning is fascinating once you understand the Tri-Matrix's relationship with moisture and how it absorbs it.

The properties of minerals are so nutritious and proven to be vital in conditioning. Afro-curly hair being genetically flat in structure, cuticles can get twisted, or even turned backwards. Our Mineral technology realigns the cuticles with the general Tri-Matrix hair shaft so once moisture molecules are infused it can be retained. Call for a consultation today- 248-2707.