Blessed Effect Hair Salon reviews

"Blessed Effects is a wonderful place I like to call home away from home. I love the professional and godly environment it provides. Karen and her staff always make me feel welcomed from my arrival up to my departure. Karen runs her salon with great poise, attitude and mostly all Love. Her inspirational advice from above and experience is truly food for the soul. Thank you Ms. Karen for the great many years at the old place..." -Tanisha

"I love to come to your hair salon because you make me and my family feel like we are a part of your family. And for that I will allways come back to you." -Tina

"I have been coming to Blessed Effects for 6 years. I was Karen's client when she ventured out on her own and started this business. Karen is a dedicated hair stylist. My hair has grown and is healthy. This is the hair stylist we need in all of our shops- a young lady that understands about healthy hair, and cares about her clients" -Phyllis